Posted by: lindasymmonds | July 7, 2011

The ABC’s of Beachside Living



The ABC’s of Brevard Beachside Living 

26 Reasons why we think Beachside is the Best !

A ~ Atmosphere ~ Amazing air quality so breathe easy my friend 🙂

B ~ Beaches ~ Beautiful clean beaches with dozens of walkways and parks

C  ~ Community ~ Working & living together in harmony & pride on beachside

D ~ Dining ~ Lots of fun , funky , eclectic and super yummy eateries

E ~ Education ~ our “A ” rated public schools are something to brag about

F ~ Fish ~ Seafood you can enjoy dining out or go out and catch it yourself !

G ~ Golf ~ Plenty of lush &  green  golf courses to play year round in Florida

H ~ Homes ~ Waterway, Lakefront , Condos , Villas , Townhomes  &  Bungalows

I ~ Indian River and the Banana River to relax and enjoy every day

J ~ Jogging –just do it at the beach , park , river or trails

K ~ Kid Friendly Parks and fun activities and events in every town

L ~ Lifestyle – So much to see & do – relax ! life is just better by the beach

M ~ Marinas – Boating is just another super fun outdoor activity to enjoy

N ~ Neighborhoods- Whatever your style or need ~ we have a great variety !

O ~ Ocean Breezes-a fresh and invigorating daily treat for the senses

P ~ Patrick Air Force – we are proud of our resident military base neighbors

Q ~ Quality of Life- is just better and the cost of living is cheaper

R ~ Recreation – Biking !  Kyacking !Boating ! Volleyball ! Hiking ! Skating !

S ~ Surfing –no wetsuits needed in our warm Atlantic waters

T ~ Trails– miles & miles for Walking , Biking , Jogging and Hiking

U ~ Unity– a strong sense of pride & support for our beloved community

V ~ Vacation – the casual &  easy going lifestyle…. it’s like you’re always on vacation

W ~ Wildlife – Amazing creatures like our famous Sea Turtles and Manatees

X   ~ Xtra- special place to live ……….. that’s beachside !

Y ~ Yachts – skips , bayliners , sailboats , canoes or  catamarans …..let’s go boating !

Z ~ Zoo – Our very own Brevard Zoo is a few miles from the beach !


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