Posted by: lindasymmonds | December 15, 2011

Searching for Rentals on the Space Coast of Florida

Rentals in Cocoa Beach , Indian Harbour Beach , Satellite Beach Towns .

As a licensed Real Estate Agent on the Space Coast of Florida , I find rental properties for people from Cocoa Beach to Melbourne Beach . Included below are questions that come up the most often. If you are in need of a rental
on the Beachside , Let me know I am happy to help !

FAQ about Renting :

How Much Can I Afford ?
A good guideline is approx 3 times the amount of the rent is what most agencies like to see in the way of income or combined income , if there is more than 1 applicant on the lease. This is usually based on wages or salary prior to taking out taxes. In other words , if your salary or wages are 3,000 a month before taxes you should qualify for about 1,000 per month for a rental.

What is the best way to find a Rental ?
Finding just the right place to live is important , and on that note I encourage anyone in the market for a rental to find an agent to help . A Realtor has access to the MLS and can run a search given the criteria provided by you. In most cases from there , your agent can set you up on an automatic e-mail program that will send you the newest listings that become available. This will save you lots of time and frustration trying to search for the perfect place on your own . Your real estate agent can find more detailed information about the property and contact the listing agent , sometimes even negotiate some of the terms on your behalf .When you find a property you would like to rent , your agent can guide you in the right direction as to how to to make the application . Find a Realtor to help , you will be glad you did !

How Do I Apply and What will they Need ?
The agent with the listing will have access to the application needed to apply for the rental unit. There will be an application fee charged by the agency that will help cover the credit check and background check if applicable. If the rental is in an association , they may charge a fee to approve the application.You may need to be approved by the HOA if required by the Association . Fees vary from approx 25.00 to 100.00 to apply for a rental. There may be a Lease Preparation Fee and these will vary depending on the agency .

What about the Security Deposit and Last Months Rent ?
Although it is possible , most of the time last months rent will not be required as it can be a burden to many applicants. The security Deposit is usually equal to the first months rent ,so in most cases you will need approx twice the months rent amount to move in .

Will there be an extra deposit charge for my Pet ?
In most cases yes , there will be extra money required if you want your pet to live with you. Important Note: If a Pet Fee is charged , you will likely not receive that back when you move out If it is a Pet Deposit , you should have that returned to you providing the animal has not caused any damage to the unit and you did not exhaust your Security Deposit with other damages .
Be sure to read your lease before you sign so the terms are clear. Ask specific questions about the terms and conditions of the return of your deposits .

Who do I call if there are Problems after I move in ?
This depends on whether the unit is Self Managed or if the unit is Professionally Managed .
If the unit is Self Managed you would call the owner direct for any issues or repairs needed .
If the unit is Professionally Managed , you will call the Property Management Agency .The advantage to a Professionally Managed Unit is this is their business and they are the experts. Property owners pay them a fee to manage the place and take care of issues for the tenants which is a good thing for you !

* Please note the Information provided is based on my personal experience and may not apply
to your situation. Remember to always ask specific questions as circumstances will vary .
It’s always good to know exactly what you are committing to – Good Luck out there !
Check out my Facebook Page for lots of great pictures and info about the
Space Coast and Beachside Towns !


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