Posted by: lindasymmonds | May 15, 2013

Florida Homes Inventory Up by 3.12 % in April 2013


Beachside Home

Beachside Home

Most of the nation sees an upswing in home sales during the spring, and an analysis of housing data based on realtor listings found positive news for buyers facing a limited inventory of homes for sale:

The number of for-sale listings increased 3.12 percent

In addition, listing home prices – which may or may not be an accurate gauge of selling prices – increased 2.63 percent.

However, it appears that even more buyers entered the market – enough to override any additional inventory. says the homes were on the market nationwide about 81 days in April – a decrease of nearly 11 percent since April 2012 –suggesting that new listings don’t stay on the market very long.

Due to increased demand for homes and more confidence in the job market, we are beginning to see more and more buyers entering the housing market In some markets, we are seeing homes staying on the market for only a few weeks, but :

We still have lots of great homes to look at on the Beachside !

Have Questions  or want to see some Homes ?

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Linda Symmonds Your Beachside Realtor !

Linda Symmonds
Your Beachside Realtor !


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